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Biblical jewelry made out of Sterling Silver 925, and 18k gold. In the year of 2011, Johnny Segal, a local tour guide in Israel, came up with this idea, designing and making Jewelry, inspired from the bible. The first piece, a beautiful pendant, showing a fish with the numbers 153, made in silver, and also a limited collection in 18k gold. In the Kabala, Johnny found out an interesting story with help of gematria, concerning a story from the New Testament, John 21. The second piece comes from the Old Testament, in the book of Numbers. Gabriel Barkay, an archeologist, found in Jerusalem in 1979, two silver rolls with engravings. After some time, they found out that the engravings were in fact, the oldest Biblical fragment until today. Parts of the Aaronic Blessing written in PaeloHebrew. Johnny Segal found a Russian artist, who works with silver, and together they produced the two pendants. Roger Derhy, who in his youth, studied architecture in Paris, helped Johnny with the graphic for this homepage. Welcome.